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Countryside Electrician
Countryside Electrician, Countryside Commerical Electrician, Countryside Residential Electrician
Buell Electric is a State Certified Electrical Contractor servicing Countryside, FL and all of Tampa Bay. Whether you need a Countryside Electrician, Electrical Service, a Lighting Retrofit Project or Emergency Electrical Service we are here for you. With 40 years of Commercial and Residential experience and over 15 years as a State Certified Electrical Contractor there isn't much we haven't seen or done. You can have faith and peace of mind working with Buell Electric. We welcome all new opportunities. Feel free to call us with any of your questions or worries about your Electrical needs.
Countryside Electrician, Countryside Commercial Electrician, Countryside Residential Electrician
Need a Countryside Electrician to install new outlets? Update your home to the new NEC Standards for Home or Office Safety.
A GFCI outlet monitors for a current imbalance between the hot and neutral wires and breaks the circuit if that condition occurs. A Circuit Breaker  usually will trip if you receive a shock, but it may not act fast enough to protect you from harm. A GFCI outlet is more sensitive and acts faster than a circuit breaker or fuse and is thus an important safety feature.
Looking for a Countryside FL Electrical Contractor? Finding a Countryside Electrician that can handle all aspects of Electricity is a challenge. At Buell Electric, we are capable of any Electrical Project and we take pride knowing that we're a one stop electrical contractor.
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