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Commercial Electrician


Need a Commercial Electrician near Tampa Bay? Buell Electric is Tampa Bay’s premier choice with a team of highly qualified commercial electricians . As an Electrical Contractor, one of our areas of expertise consists of large commercial projects. If your company needs a skilled and educated Electrical crew in Tampa Bay, Buell is here to serve you. Our commercial division is highly capable of handling anything from Electrical Service Upgrades, Tenant Services, New Construction, Lighting Retrofits, Commercial Build-Outs, Service Calls, and so on.

When it comes to the needs of your commercial business, it’s absolutely essential to hire a Tampa Commercial Electrician with the qualifications to get the job done properly. There are vast differences between a Commercial Electrician and your run of the mill handy man, especially when considering the risks involved in Electrical work. Buell Electric’s Commercial Electricians know all the National Electrical Code to ensure that your electrical work is done safely and efficient, which should be your business’s largest concern. You have enough problems to worry about already, so it makes sense to keep your stress levels down by going with a skilled craftsman that understands the electrical field to a high degree.

There are many different options that a Commercial Electrician from Buell Electric may offer when working on your commercial project. In addition to being the safer option, a commercial electrician possesses the knowledge and ability to effectively save you money. Those who are both experienced and qualified in performing electrical jobs understand the ins-and-outs of energy consumption. In other words, we are able to save you money over the long haul by simply bringing down your energy costs. For a business owner in the Tampa Bay Area that’s conscious of the bottom line, this fact alone should make a lot of sense.

Whether you need an Electrical Service Upgrade or you’re looking to have a ground-up installation, a Tampa commercial electrician should be the first person you call. A representative at Buell Electric will be able to speak with you about your available options. From this point, we’ll design a plan to most effectively handle the situation. Buell understands the needs of businesses from a logistical standpoint and our technicians are quite good at working in difficult environments. When Buell Electric finalizes your project, the job will have been completed the right way and you’ll be set to save energy and money. The decision should be simple.

Getting in touch with a commercial electrician for your build-out or renovation work is a no-brainer. Though hiring a handyman might seem like an attractive option, you should understand that most electrical jobs require advanced knowledge of wiring and other practices like the team at Buell Electric, Inc. Avoid problems down the road that can cost your business a significant amount of money in lost energy and repairs.

Our Tampa Commercial Electricians understand that your image as a business is of utmost importance so when we are on your property we treat it like our own. We know that time is usually pressed in this sector of business and for that we are able to work 24 Hrs a day to complete your project. We guarantee that any project we take on will be completed on or before the day we agree upon, so your business can get back to providing its service.

Try Buell Electric next time you need a Tampa Commercial Electrician and we will give you 15% off your first project with us. We can offer this Commercial Contractor discount because we know once your company uses us there is no going back to any other Commercial Electrical Contractor.

*All of Buell Electric’s work is backed by a guarantee*