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Marine Electrician


The electricians at Buell Electric are experienced in all facets of the electric trade, however; residential and commercial marine wiring is a specialty niche within the industry. There is no dock too large or too small.

Late Night Dock

Buell is often the only electrical contractor that’s able to complete floating dock projects. This involves a unique and skilled set of electricians.

Buell Electric’s Marine Division is highly trained and proficient at bringing power to all types of docks. If it’s a new dock, we’ll work diligently to communicate with your marine construction contractor. This communication will ensure that your boat lift has immediate power.

Buell Electric Offers

  • Dock and boat lift wiring
  • Underwater dock lighting
  • Cathodic grounding throughout Florida.

At Buell Electric, we’re able to provide power and connect any style boat lift and motors.

Buell Electric is also able to install marine grade GFCI outlets, double headed LED flood fixtures, LED rope lights, photocells, waterproof time clocks, control switches, motor controls, underwater fish lights, pedestals, sub-panels, and most marine related devices.

All of Buell Electric’s piping is installed with the highest grade weather resistant conduit, referred to as Schedule 80.

Every project is reflected in this manner, down to the very last stainless steel screw. In essence, our wiring should outlast the dock itself.

*All of Buell Electric’s work is backed by a guarantee*